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Laminate Flooring

Flawless, beautiful, and durable

Quality laminate flooring in Charlotte, NC

Laminate flooring is manufactured using a combination of durable wood-based materials, which are layered on top of each other to form a plank. These planks are designed to mimic the look of hardwood, or even stone, with a more comfortable underfoot feel. Laminate flooring is extremely durable because each plank has a protective top layer as well as a high-density core layer for added strength and stability.

Layers of laminate | Hughes Floor Coverings Inc.

The layers of laminate

Laminate's uniquely layered design gives it strength and stability. The top layer, also known as the overlay or the wear layer, protects against wear, scratching, UV damage, and staining. Next comes the decorative layer, which usually includes a print of a particular style of hardwood, stone, or ceramic. The third layer, the core layer, makes up the bulk of laminate. This high-density material gives the plank its strength. Finally, on the bottom, you can see the backing layer for balance and stability. This layer can be a built-in underlayment substitute.

Laminate styles

With so many different laminate looks and styles to choose from, the possibilities are endless. Hover over the images to learn more about each unique style.

  • Rustic Woods | Hughes Floor Coverings Inc.

    Hand-Scraped Wood

    The textured look uses techniques and patterns that mimic the look of real hardwood planks. Many people find them nearly indistinguishable! 

  • Custom | Hughes Floor Coverings Inc.

    Specialty Wood

    This style is made to resemble the look of exotic wood found around the world. This is a budget-friendly option that gives your room the same elegance and craftsmanship of real hardwood.

  • Traditional Woods | Hughes Floor Coverings Inc.

    Traditional Wood

    With this look, traditionally designed laminate flooring lends the classic style of hardwood floors with the ease of care and simple upkeep that both home and business owners have come to expect.

  • Stone | Hughes Floor Coverings Inc.

    Stone or Tile

    Made to resemble the natural look of real stone, this flooring stands up to an active lifestyle. Photographic images on the outer layer create a realistic tile look that holds up to heavy traffic underfoot.

Mannington laminate flooring | Hughes Floor Coverings Inc.

Need inspiration?

Take a look at our laminate inspiration gallery! See the latest trends, styles, and more. Then, browse our large selection of products!


How is laminate made?

Laminate flooring is made up of several layers of high-density fiberboard, bonded together under immense heat and pressure. It features a decorative visual layer that mimics the look and feel of other natural flooring materials such as hardwood, as well as a wear layer to protect the surface.

Can I install my own laminate flooring?

While laminate flooring is easier to install than other types of flooring, we still recommend a professional installation. Letting our installers handle your project will ensure maximum quality and performance of your flooring. Doing your own installation could void the manufacturer's warranty if anything were to go wrong. 

One of my laminate planks is damaged. Can I replace it?

Yes! In fact, this is part of the beauty of laminate—the ability to install planks with ease. It's simple to remove individual planks, too. Be sure to order extra product at the time of purchase so you'll have it on hand if replacements are ever needed. 

Is laminate easy to clean?

Yes! Laminate is a hard surface product that won't accumulate dust or allergens, so it is considered hypoallergenic.